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Boost Cryospa / Testimonials

Great experience. I look forward to my next treatment!

Rochelle F.

Unbelievable first experience! Staff was awesome, facility was beautiful, and the cryotherapy exceeded my expectations!

Ryan R.

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Will recommend to everyone!!

Brian S.

Very cool place and great people, highly recommend checking them out!

Jared R.

I feel boosted, full of energy, it took care of any aches and pains I had. Staff was very helpful and informative. Thank you, I'll be back.

Adam V.

Awesome staff and very beautiful decor. Would highly recommend the cryofacial. My skin looks and feels great!

Ann J.

If you haven't tried cryotherapy, you must! Melanie was amazing and very knowledgeable. I can't wait to go back!

Dana J.

Best experience ever. The customer service is beyond awesome. Very happy for a first timer who was very nervous upon arrival. A must try.

Samar A.

Super clean, professional and friendly! I loved my first session and bought a package for a great price. I highly recommend this facility And cryotherapy!

Carolyn J.

Great experience and will be going back again. Everyone was really nice and super helpful

Marc L.

Great experience at Boost Cryospa. The freezing really helped my aching back. Ross Niskar & Adam Schoener were really great about explaining everything before I went in and the relaxation time after was really appreciated.

Jason M.

Place looked awesome from a design point of view. Staff was super friendly and knowledgeable. The spa experience was amazing. I'll be a regular and will tell all of my friends. Good job guys!!!


Great spa!! Everyone is so nice and super helpful!! I had my service back in November. I wish I lived closer to receive more services!! I recommend to everyone. Super clean too! Thanks Cryospa! I will visit again!!


I went in very skeptical, left a true believer! I've had MS for 30 years and suffer from leg pain everyday. When I left, I was feeling great, but didn't expect the relief to last very long. To my surprise, my legs were mostly pain free for almost 2 days! That may not sound like as lot to you, but to someone who has to walk slowly and rest often, it was wonderful! I highly encourage anyone who has any kind of pain to check this out. The facility is clean, bright and the staff is super friendly.

Judy M.

My boyfriend and I had our first experience today with whole body cryotherapy and it was amazing! We already notice a difference in how we feel after one session. If you have not tried it before, I would highly recommend it! The staff was great and we will definitely be doing it again!

Amanda P.

Everyone we've met so far is really friendly and they seem to really care about your condition and comfort level. Also my husband saw major increase in his movement and overall comfort level about 24 hours after his spot treatments.

Jenna D.

What an amazing experience! I had the full body treatment and a chryo facial. I don't have any pain issues, but I just wanted to see what it was like. The full body treatment was so invigorating! It's not an uncomfortable cold at all. I was talking and joking with the staff the whole time. I stepped out after 2 minutes and my body was tingling and felt so energized! The facial was cool and relaxing. You can feel your skin tightening! About 2 hours after this treatment, I ran into a friend and out of no where she says " you are glowing! What are you doing to your face?" I couldn't believe it! So there you go! The staff is amazing, a great experience. Try it!

Lauren G.

I've had the cryo facial twice now and I love it! I'm hooked as a 40 year old woman trying to fight the aging process I try a lot of things. This really helps the appearance of my skin it looks so even and tight! Also my pores are almost invisible and that's my goal! I definitely recommend this and will be adding this to my skin regiment.

Stacey R.